Brand : Haoge

Haoge Metal Tripod Monopod Tilt Head features Panning Base with 58mm Quick Release Clamp Compatible with Arca-Swiss Sunwayfoto RRS Benro Sirui

The Haoge Panning Tilt Head with 58mm Clamp features Panning Base at the bottom. Panning base with index marks at the bottom that allows 360 degrees panning movement with calibrated precision for precise capture of overlapping panoramic images. Arca type clamp on the top will accommodate any Arca style plate. Built-in 3/8″-16 threaded in the bottom for mounts panning tilt head to any monopod or tripod with 3/8″-16 screw. Markings showing the front-to-back tilt of the head from -90 to 90 degrees.

Precision-machined for smooth tilt forwards and backwards.
Options to capture the zenith (up shot) and nadir (down shot) making nadir and zenith patching easier and making sharp long exposure captures possible.
Ideal for capture of overlapping panoramic images.
Rolling the camera/lens in +/-90¡ã front-to-back tilt.
Panning base provide 360 degrees panning movement.
Compact and lightweight – great for use on monopods and tripods.
Features Arca-style quick release clamp and a monopod/tripod socket that accepts 3/8″ threads.
Grooves on the clamp for safety stop screws to help prevent against accidental release.
A large locking knob controls tilt, so one hand can unlock the head, while the other hand never has to leave the shutter.
The locking panning knob allows you to set the base at a particular panning position independently.

Compatible with Arca-style quick release plate such as: RRS, ARCA-SWISS / KIRK / Jobu Design / Wimberley / MARKINS / SUNWAYFOTO / Kangrinpoche / BENRO / SIRUI etc.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Max Load Capacity: 13KG
Height: 100mm
Bottom Thread: 3/8″
Weight: 430g

Package included:
1 x Haoge Panning Tilt Head with 58mm Clamp
(Note: Tripod is not included)


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