Brand : Hapurs

Hapurs 4 in 1 Water Sport Floating Dive Filter (Red + Yellow + Grey + PUrple) For GoPro Hero 3+ 4 Standard Housing Color Correction Accessories with ABS Plastic frame, Professional Lens Filter Accessory Kit for water sports, underwater photography

About Hapurs:

Hapurs is the only legal owner and seller of the trademark Hapurs. We are not responsible for the fakes you bought from other tortious seller. We take full responsibility for the quality of our products.?

This Hapurs Red Filter: Use for water depth of 10-20 meters, around noon (sunlight water) can be used red, the main purpose is to restore the water to be absorbed red and to leave you with natural colors.(Diving filters).

This Hapurs Yellow Filter: use for Tropical waters, night diving, to correct yellowing problem of searchlight in some areas .

This Hapurs Grey Filter: the most used in some special environment, especially for special photography to increase the detail or recordings in bright light, and it helps you to capture the art colors. Can help cameras capture vibrant tropical colors while filming below 10 feet of water.

This Hapurs Purple Filter: reduces the overall blue tone of underwater video, and bring back the other colors.

– Filter is very easy to install and remove, simply push it on when you are underwater, then slide it off when you want to shoot above water.

– This filter will only work with the standard housing which comes with the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero3+ camera.

Package Include:

– 1 x Red Filter for Gopro 3+/4

– 1 x Yellow Filter for Gopro hero 3+/4

– 1 x Gray Filter for Gopro 3+/4

– 1 x Purple Filter for Gopro 3+/4

How to choose filter color:

1)Red filter : use for water depth of 10-20 meters, around noon (sunlight water).

2)Yellow Filter : Use in Tropical waters in the morning, shallow water, use in blue water(Diving filters)

3)Grey filter : use for dimming.

4)Purple filter : eliminates the green light reflection.


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