Brand : Neewer

Neewer 4 Pack Count LR6 Alkaline AA Lithium Batteries 1.5V 2800mAh Reliable Long Lasting Power for Canon, Nikon, Sony Flashes, LED Video Lights, Battery Grips with AA Battery Holder and More


1.5-Volt alkaline general purpose batteries.

Reliable, long lasting power.

high capacity 2800mAh

Extra power for your digital video camera/ camcorder

Never run out of battery power when you’re just about to capture the perfect moment

Approx weight:23g*2pcs
Heavy Metal Contents: Hg<1 ppm; Cd<20 ppm; Pb<40 ppm
Nominal Voltage:1.5V
Special Temperature:Around 30 Degree
Standard Humidity:45%-75%
Diameter: LR6 13.8-14.3

Capacitance: 2800mAh (S.T. 25mA constant-current discharge to 0.8V)
Discharge Methods: 1h/d continuous
Under room temp & suitable environment, its shelf time is 3 years.

Fresh Battery Discharge Characteristic:
(Discharge condition & Minimun average Discharge time)

3.9ohm 1 hour/per day, last for more than 420 minutes
3.9ohm 24hours/per day, last for more than 55 minutes
10ohm 24hours/per day, last for more than 19 hours
43ohm 4hours/per day, last for more than 90 hours

Package Contents:
4 * AA battery


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