Brand : HeroFiber

Nikon Remote Release Cord (1 meter) for D4S, D90, D600, D610, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7000, D7100, & Df SLR Digital Cameras, COOLPIX A, COOLPIX P7700 & COOLPIX P7800 Digital Cameras + HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth

Nikon Remote shutter release cord is a wired release cable which adds greater convenience and ease of use in a wide variety of shooting situations, including long exposures and close-ups.

Operate the camera remotely when taking photographs at close range and in other situations in which the slightest camera movement would produce blurring.
Plugs into the accessory terminal of specific Nikon SLR cameras and allows the shutter to be released without making direct contact with the camera body. Use of this cable can help avoid camera shake when shooting with a tripod.
The remote also features a lock, which keeps the camera shutter in Long Time Exposure (Bulb) mode.

Weight: Approximately 45 g/1.6 oz
Dimensions: (W x D x H) Approximately 23mm x 81mm x 16mm/0.9in. x 32in. x 0.6in. (excluding cord)
Length of cord: Approximately 1000mm (39.4in.)

HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth

HeroFiber® is the most efficient way to clean all optical surfaces.

HeroFiber® acts like a magnet for dust, dirt, and oils, so it absorbs without being abrasive or leaving residue, and lasts considerably longer than ordinary cloths.


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