Brand : Nocturnal Lights

Nocturnal Lights M700t 700 Lumen Ultra Compact LED Dive Light 700 Lumens

The M700t technical LED dive light is the latest dive light from Nocturnal Lights using a KIS (Keep It Simple) design philosophy. The M700t dive light is ultra compact, measuring at 5 1/4″ long, 1″ diameter at the body, and 1 1/2″ diameter at the light head. The M700t dive light is so small and light it can be held, mounted, and stored away as if you are not diving and traveling with extra gear. The light uses a twist on and off mechanism with two power settings, allowing you to switch between high and low output each time you turn the light on and off. On the high setting you can get 700 lumens of white, narrow 15-degree beam that will penetrate through water, allowing you to signal divers, look into crevices, and light up the vibrant colors of marine life during your dive. On the low setting you can reduce the power to 40% for a less intense beam and a longer burn time of up to 4 hours. The aluminum light head acts as a heat sink so the light can be used above water as a flashlight. The built in controller will monitor the heat generated by the bulb and cut down the power when it is appropriate. The double o-ring seal that connects the light body and the battery compartment gives the M700t dive lights a depth rating of 100 meters or 330 feet. The M700t uses two CR123 batteries as well as a rechargeable lithium ion battery from Nocturnal Lights. The CR123s can be purchased anywhere in the world and the standard package comes with two CR123s. Both types of batteries will offer approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of usable light on high and 3-4 hours on low before the intensity of the light fades. A neoprene hand mount that can mount one or two M700t dive lights is available for a hands free diving experience and it is made to comfortably fit over any bare hand or glove. Additional accessories such as the aluminum Goodman handle and light holders with a 1/4″-20 thread will give you the option to mount the lights just about anywhere.


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