Brand : Polaroid

Polaroid 312 Ultra High Powered Super Bright LED Camera / Camcorder Video Light With Variable Color Temp. (3200K-5600K) & Dimmable Brightness Control Knobs (Includes Battery, Charger, Filter, Carry Case)

With its 60 degree beam spread, 312 dualcolor LED arrangement, variable brightness and color temperature controls, the Polaroid 312 high powered variable dimmable super bright LED light offers a cool-running source for both photographers and videographers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this luminaire provides you with a rotary knob to select color temperatures between 3200K & 5600K. Another rotary knob control LED brightness from 10%-100%.

Power is derived from two 7.2v 2000mah lithium-ion battery. On the rear panel it has a power receptacle. Included is a diffusion screen which provides a gentle degree of softening to the light. It also has a built in camera hot shoe mount. Additionally, a swivel head adapter is included which allows rotational aiming of the light source. The light can also be attached to any tripod. With the included hand grip it will allow for more options for off camera use

High Powered 312 LED Light
Lithium-ion Battery (x2)
Battery Charger
Swivel head mounting adapter
Hand Grip For Off Camera Use
Diffusion Filter
Carry Case
UK & EU Adapter


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