Brand : Digital Base

Selfie Stick,D6,Luxury Design BEST Quality Universal Wired[Battery Free]Extendable Handled Stick with Adjustable Phone Holder & Built-in Remote Shutter Designed for Apple,Android Smartphones (Black)

Digital Base WIRED UNIVERSAL SELFIE STICK: NO CHARGING FOR THE PERFECT, SUPER FAST SHOT! Do you love taking great images with your smartphone, and would like to achieve wider images for perfect backgrounds and shots? Rather than constantly charging battery powered sticks, would you like a super convenient, wired selfie stick for iPhones, Android and virtually every other brand? If so, Digital Base Wired Universal Selfie Stick is the perfect choice! Unlike others on the market which easily bend and break after little use, our Selfie Stick is a robust, durable, premium product manufactured from lightweight, super strong aluminium, extending over 31 inches, perfect for capturing extra wide angles and super sized group shots! Ideal for capturing fast shots on the move, our Selfie Stick is wired with a 3.5mm jack, eliminating constant charging, changing batteries, and complex Bluetooth setups for ultra quick plug and play imaging! Our Selfie Stick is completely universal, with a secure 270 degree clamp head to fit virtually all modern smart phones including Apple, Android, Samsung and many more without expensive specialized adaptors! Our Selfie Stick is a durable, premium product with a number of key benefits: – Super strong, lightweight aluminium construction with high grip handle. – Extends over 31 inches, for extra wide images. – Fully wired, no charging or complex Bluetooth setup. – Universal compatibility, for use with virtually all modern smartphones. If you’re tired of missing the perfect picture, changing batteries and setting up Bluetooth selfie sticks, our premium Selfie Stick is the perfect choice with wired, instant plug and play imaging and a super secure, universal head! Click “Add to Cart” now!


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